Cloudeprobes is a monitoring tool for checking the uptime and performance of your service.

Cloudprobes performs simultaneous, fully configurable checks for websites, web servers or API endpoints from multiple geographic locations, analyzes the responses and sends notifications when intolerable downtime is recorded.

Cloudprobes works by making simultaneous requests to your service from multiple geographic locations for maximized accuracy.

The requests can be fully configured to meet your monitoring needs. The received responses are analysed for errors or missing keywords. If an error is recorded, it is evaluated against your notification policies, making sure you only receive the events that you care about.

With the advanced visualization and low level socket measurement breakdown you can get a complete overview of your website’s performance. You can also access the complete event log of performed checks to help you identify the causes of the failure.

The monitoring data is stored for up to a year and can be accessed anytime either as a list or through our aggregated chart visualization views.